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At Mullica Hill Family Dentistry, we’re committed to sharing our dental knowledge so patients have the tools to better understand and take control of their health. Education is the key that leads to making healthy choices!

Twice each month, Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky feature blog articles about a wide range of oral health topics, from sleeping better to the links between gum disease and different health conditions. Sometimes we focus on technology or other trends in dentistry. We hope the blogs we share will spark your curiosity and empower you to ask questions and make better all-around health decisions for you and your family. Feel free to share, comment, and join the conversation!

Alternative Text Posted September 27, 2018 / Blog, Dental Health, Dental Services
Drs. Bo & Christina Levitsky

Professional Dental Cleanings Make a Big Difference

You’ve been hearing it for years – “make sure to visit Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky twice a year for your regular cleanings.” Just in case you’ve ever wondered why regular dental cleanings are so important, we at Mullica Hill Family Dental would like to take this opportunity to let Mullica Hill residents in on… (Read More)

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Alternative Text Posted July 13, 2018 / Blog, Dental Services
Drs. Bo & Christina Levitsky

Veneers Can Give You Back Your Smile!

Having a great smile is a privilege that everyone should enjoy. The confidence that comes from having genuine pride in your pearly whites is irreplaceable. However, many of us struggle with imperfections in our teeth. Broken, chipped, cracked, stained, and crooked teeth can really put a damper on your smile. At Mullica Hill Family Dental,… (Read More)

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Alternative Text Posted June 27, 2018 / Blog, Dental Services, Dental Technology
Drs. Bo & Christina Levitsky

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Invisalign®!

If you have a crooked tooth, odd spaces between your teeth or a poor bite, you might be considering all of your orthodontic options. Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that realigns your bite and teeth for the best possible look and function. Did you know that our ancestors actually had naturally larger jaws? This… (Read More)

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