The Clear Alternative to Braces

Technology has allowed for astounding progress in orthodontics over the past several years. The clear aligners of Invisalign® have now helped five million people—and counting—smile with more confidence during and after treatment. Average treatment time for Invisalign is about a year, and since the aligners are removable, there are no dietary restrictions to keep you or your teen from enjoying your favorite snacks!

Invisalign® - The Clear Alternative to Braces Invisalign Teen® - The Clear Alternative to Braces

Now You See Them…

Invisalign’s transparent aligners are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces.

…Now You Don’t!

Average treatment time is only one year for the revolutionary Invisalign system to work its magic.

Invisalign is a safe and simple method to straighten teeth without metal and wire braces. Invisalign can correct overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and has the capability to reduce crowding and lessen unwanted gaps in teeth. Invisalign is not appropriate for everyone, but Dr. Levitsky can assess your individual dental case at your initial consultation.

*Dr. Bo and Dr. Christina Levitsky are general dentists performing orthodontic services.

  • Custom aligners are made just for your mouth
  • Minimal irritation without wires and brackets
  • Treatment is safe, fast, and easy
  • You can enjoy all your favorite foods

  • Brush and floss as you normally would
  • No restrictions on the active hobbies and sports you love
  • You don’t have to worry about brackets or wires breaking
  • No one will know you have braces… unless you want them to!

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Step One: We Scan Your Smile

We can take an impression of your teeth and design your new smile. We then map out the ways each tooth will move to get your smile where you want it to go.

Step Two: You Get Your Aligners

Dr. Levitsky will make sure your aligners fit well, answer all your questions and let you know what comes next. You will need to wear your aligners 20-22 hours each day to ensure the best end results. Invisalign Teen® includes an additional feature—blue compliance indicators on the aligners to ensure they are worn for a sufficient amount of time.

Step Three: You Wear Your Aligners

Each set of aligners will be worn for one to two weeks. You’ll have checkups every six to eight weeks so Dr. Levitsky can see how you’re doing and give you the next sets of aligners. Mullica Hill Family Dental will address any concerns you have each step of the way.

Step Four: Your Dream Smile is Here

About a year after you start, the transformation to straighter teeth is complete. You may have to wear a retainer to keep things in line, but Dr. Levitsky can advise you whether this will be necessary—and which retainer will be best suited to your needs.

Step Five: Share Your Dream with Us!

One you are all done with your Invisalign treatment and your smile is complete, we’d love to hear from you. Is it hard to stop smiling? Do you feel more confident? Can we do anything else to help or answer any additional questions? Please leave us a review on Facebook…and keep in touch!

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