COVID-19 Updates

Dear friends,
We recognize that this is a challenging time for everyone. Following the guidelines set forth by Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Dental Association, we have temporarily suspended all elective in-office appointments. We are working with local dental specialists to keep our patients safe and pain free. Drs. Bo and Christina are always available on-call via phone, email, and Facebook for existing patients. In addition, we now also offer Tele-Dentistry (virtual consultation via video). A virtual consultation will allow us to better assess dental problems and discuss treatment options from the comfort of your home. We reserve 30 minutes for this appointment and offer it to both new and existing patients.


Dentistry & Technology = the Perfect Couple

Mullica Hill Family Dental loves dentistry and technology. These days, you can’t have one without the other—and given all the dental and technological advancements there have been and will continue to be, who would want to? Not us! Digital technology is used for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment at every stage of dentistry. It even has a part in shade matching for tooth-colored restorations!

Can You Believe…

  • Technology assists with diagnosis of oral cancer risk factors, dental caries (cavities), and so much more!

…the Possibilities?

  • Sometimes you can see what we see—while we’re seeing it—or…
  • See what your teeth will look like when your treatment is complete. (i.e., Invisalign®)

Dentistry is not only more efficient with the use of digital technology, but more accurate as well—and the continued evolution in the field holds great promise for even more progress with each passing year. Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky use Dexis™ digital imaging technology for x-rays and intraoral photography. Why did we choose Dexis?

Exceptional Image Quality

  • Sharp
  • Clear
  • Highly detailed

When it comes to Dexis,
We Also Like:

  • Patient comfort
  • Fast workflow
  • Consistent results at low exposure levels

Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky are also committed to continuing education and will spend a significant amount of time each year attending additional training to continue to hone their skills, learn new specialties and keep up with the ever-changing marriage of dentistry and technology.

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