Oral Surgery

Relax & Let Us Take Care of You

Let’s face it – nobody is thrilled about having to have any type of surgery. But if oral surgery becomes necessary to keep you healthy, the Mullica Hill Family Dental team is here to keep things as painless and relaxed as possible. Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky are highly skilled clinical dentists who can perform extractions and root canals, and if you need a little extra help with relaxation, we have nitrous oxide available for help taking deep, calming breaths.

It Happens to Most of Us…

If you need oral surgery, rest assured knowing you are in experienced hands with us.

…At One Time or Another

Whether it’s wisdom teeth, a root canal or something else, we can help!

We all get just one set of permanent teeth—that’s the way it goes. Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky will assist you in any way they can to hang onto those teeth for a lifetime. However, things happen—and sometimes factors like genetics work against you, too. If you should need a tooth or teeth extracted, Mullica Hill Family Dental will be here to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Extractions Illustration

Reasons Teeth May
Need to be Extracted

  • To alleviate overcrowding
  • Tooth or teeth are decayed beyond repair
  • Gums can no longer support teeth

Wisdom Teeth Illustration

Wisdom Teeth

  • Usually appear between 17-25 years of age
  • Are a third set of molars that aren’t necessary for any functional reason
  • People usually have wisdom teeth removed

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Root Canals

Root canals have always gotten very negative publicity—especially for a procedure that almost always saves the natural tooth, which is Mullica Hill Family Dental’s preferred outcome. These days, root canals are so routine that the procedure is comparable to having a tooth filled. Modern techniques and anesthetics have simplified the process greatly over the years.

The purpose of a root canal is to remove infection from a tooth. If your tooth has an inflamed or infected pulp, a root canal can save it by eliminating that infection. Drs. Bo and Christina Levitsky clean out the infection, removing damaged tissues. The inside of the tooth is then disinfected and filled with rubber sealant to close the gap.

Once the gap is filled, a crown or filling is placed on top to protect the tooth. Once that is done, the tooth functions just like the surrounding teeth, working with them as a team—and you still have your tooth!

Surgical Extraction

Advantages of Root Canal
(Endodontic) Treatment

  • Natural appearance
  • Efficient chewing
  • Can bite down normally
  • Surrounding teeth protected from excess wear

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